6X Fantasy Campaign Recruitment-players wanted! - Kobold Enterprise: the adventure has just begun.
6X Fantasy Campaign Recruitment-players wanted!
  • I was inspired by M-Type's postings on the game and have decided to try and run a campaign here on the forum! 

    You'll find the rules here (thanks to M-Type for the link):

    The setting will be classic fantasy (with brave knights mysterious sages, and sneaky thieves,etc)

    Players will roll for there own actions if enough people come we'll sort out the rest!
    The Dire Honey Badger...best encounter ever
  • Count me in! I will give it a try at least!!!!


    Name: Gilan Redstar        Class: Ranger       Race: Human

    Description: Gilan stands at about 5'4" tall about 140 lbs he has short brown hair, blue eyes and a few frekles splashed across his face. He wears leather armor and is always wearing a cloak.

    Weapons: Longbow, 1 Shortsword, 1 Dagger -> Always perfers to take enemies out from afar but will use his shortsword and dagger if needed.

    Skills: Tracking, Survival, Stealth, Hide etc

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  • The rules say that the narrator can make a character as well, so if we have another person join us we'll have a party of three.

    The Dire Honey Badger...best encounter ever
  • Well looks like it's  just you and I so I'll start the game play thread...

    The Dire Honey Badger...best encounter ever
  • Wait, what...I'm in, whatever this is...lemme read the rules...
  • sure, no rush
    The Dire Honey Badger...best encounter ever
  • I was camping all weekend, and had decided not to bring my laptop. I'll play.

    Grewalt Erys: Male Human Ranger, Neutral. Grewalt has uneven copper hair and green eyes, and a distinctive mark on his face. He wears chain mail and wields a bastard sword.

    (I'll play Grewalt if you don't mind. Established character and all that.
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  • that's just fine Grewalt should be fun to game with, post your character's arrival in the other thread

    The Dire Honey Badger...best encounter ever

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